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Great Books for great working and developing companies

I came upon this book list by Toby Sinclair, a coach from the UK by chance and found it really nice, so I repost it here. Thank you very much, Toby!

Also, I especially liked the opinions and other books posted by people in the comments! So check them out in his post:

I also added my own choice of great books in the comments there. Books that I read the last couple of years and that gave me meaningful insights to how I think and try to act, like “humankind” by Rutger Bregman, “The Daily Stoic” by Ryan Holiday (thank you for the tipp, Andreas L.!) and others.

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Checklist for Psychological Safety

First things first: Physical Safety is the no. 1 most important factor for worker engagement in any company! Creating a culture where safety is clear to be the highest value for management and all employees from the top to the “bottom” is fundamental. See for this for example “The Toyota Way” by J. Liker (updated edition: 2021).

For all people in a company, whether in production or administration, Psychological Safety is coming right after that. Most famously, Google found it to be the no. 1 most important factor necessary to make teams effective in their 2012 “Project Aristotle” study (because of Aristotle’s quote: “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”) among 180 Google teams.

I found this Psychological Safety Checklist for free download on the site – great site, check it out.

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Empfehlung: – Blog, Wiki und mehr

Spannende Webseite zu Methoden der Prozessverbesserung, TOC, EKS, Cynefin, QM, PDCA:

Bei meinen Recherchen zur Engpasskonzentrierten Strategie und Theory of Constraints habe ich die Seite von Paul Bayer wiederentdeckt.

Die Webseite beschreibt ihren Schwerpunkt wie folgt:

  • Behandeln wirksamer und vorbildlicher Ansätze der
  • Anwendung der wissenschaftlichen Methode im Management
  • Theory of Constraints (TOC) von Goldratt und  Engpasskonzentrierte Strategie (EKS) von Mewes
  • Veränderung der Managementmethoden
  • Bekanntmachen der Arbeit von W. Edwards Deming
    -> Qualitätsmanagement, PDCA/Kontinuierliche Verbesserung

Dafür bietet es

  • Blog: laufende Artikel über Prozessverbesserung
  • Konzepte: Concept Maps mit Links zu Artikeln und Grafiken
  • Galerie: ein visueller Zugang zu
  • Wiki: ein Wissensspeicher zu Prozessverbesserung
  • Tools: Grafiken, Werkzeuge, Links

sowie eine Reihe interessanter Stories und Zitate

Die Blog-Artikel und bspw. die Galerien mit Grafiken und kurzen Erläuterungen zu Konzepten und Zusammenhängen der Prozessverbesserung, Problemlösung, TOC und weiteren sind ausgesprochen interessant.

Danke Paul Bayer!




Other Blogs

Other blogs on work, technology and self development topics

This is not a blog, but a website (German) with a broad coverage of strategic topics and methods to use. Includes several free courses. Interesting.

Have Fun At Work (Hafawo) 

German (well: Austrian, to be precise!) A blog on methods for professional and personal development, leadership, coaching and fun-tools!

Tool Blog 

German; a blog on work organization, self management and productivity. Core is the “Getting Things Done” method by David Allen.


German; a well-made blog by project management consultant Mario Neumann. He wrote a book called “Projekt-Safari”, and this is his blog with podcasts and pretty good resources also for topics like strategy and organization, conflict management and others.

>> What are your favourite blogs on work, technology and personal development?