So the scenario today , is upgraded to IIS 7 and using now the Application Pool Identity as defined in the best practice of Microsoft .

In the IIS 7 , standing on MY APPLICATION POOL

press Advanced Settings :


We’ve deployed the application and it tries to access some  shared folder on some other server .

“\\OtherServerName\Some Folder”


Once we were Network Service , IIS IUSR and so on , but not any more..

So who are we now ? How can we access the folder ?

Who is that mysterious ApplicationPoolIdentity guy ?


So the answer is quite simple :

Go to the Shared Folder –> right click –> properties  -> security –>edit –> add (so far as usual ) -> choose object types –> check on computers –> now enter the computer name where your application is working from , where you published your application.

That’s it – now you have the access to the Shared Folder!

Good luck!