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my phone’s camera quality sucks *wcid?* (Android camera apps)

The reason for this post was my new android smartphone.

I know the camera quality of different smartphones can be enormously different, even if all i. e. say 8 MP.

Still, I had read tests and they agreed that the new phone had a decent camera.

I was crestfallen with the poor quality when I tried it out: all grainy, no focus when zooming.

So *wcid?* (what can I do) – I had never looked whether there are camera apps (in the Google play store) to replace the camera-app the phone comes with.

But there are alternative apps for all kinds of purpose, so I looked and – lo and behold ye – there are dozens.

When looking through all free apps I chose several with good ratings, and also looked through forum posts and articles on the net.

Then I tried them out.

Here comes the meat of this post:

  1. The apps really improved the quality of the phones’ camera significantly 
  2. They offered different additional options and effects,
    i. e. for scenes (night, sports, portrait etc. – the usual and more),
    for series and selfies, panorama and spheroid,
    autofokus, macro and auto enhancement options
  3. They offered a better interface
What’s the best free camera app? 
  • The following judgement is highly subjective and has little basis.
  • Just the feeling that I liked the way it worked and that its’ functions improve my pictures most.
  • It may be different with another phone, too.
  • Guess you have some individual trying out to do if you want to get a comparison.
  • Plus it may be that the paid camera apps still have better functionality and improved quality through better algorithms.
  • This is supposed to be just a short post, so I’ll not go into screenshots or a description of the functions.
  • You can find more details in the Play Store


  A better Camera

My preferred app after a little trying out was A Better Camera.



I also liked focal (Beta)


 Camera 360 Ultimate (free)

Another camera with lots of very good ratings is this.
There is also a professional ($) upgrade version.

I didn’t quite get the hang of it and didn’t feel like the effects worked so well on my camera or were the kind I want to use.



>> What are your experiences?