6T (+3R) Supporting Approaches to Learning

This is just a short post on some approaches that help me learn new things. And I squeezed them into a “6T” (+3R) acronym.

Practical application and experimentation are very important, of course – but first you have to “get” the new information. And often that is by reading or watching a presentation or video etc.

So what methods can help you understand this information better and connect it to other information in your head? I found the following helpful (not meant to be comprehensive). If you can think of more “T’s” or “R’s” or anything, write a comment, and we’ll add to the article together!

6T (+3R)

  1. Learning by Teachingtraining others
  2. Learning by Talking network, exchange
  3. Learning by Texting writing about the subject … like here! 😊
  4. Learning by Theory if you have a well-validated, consistent theory, method or toolset, that is a very effective lever! Like the Theory of Constraints (ToC), “Lean” approaches etc. Or build and Test your own theories and hypotheses!
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