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  • Over a decade of proven experience, highly motivated go-getter.
  • More than 10 years of hands-on dev. management, defining and assimilating working procedures.
  • From gathering requirements to production and maintenance –UX, Web and Mobile dev. experience.
  • Working for Global Enterprises as well as Start-up organizations with internal and external clients.


Product strategy | Business analysis | Product Launch| SQL | Data Analysis | Roadmap | Agile |  A/B testing Architecture design | Product management | Analytics | Market Research | Program management | DevOps | DevSecOps | Code review | Project management | Product Development | Cross-functional Team Leadership | Engineering | Scrum | E-Commerce | Requirements Analysis | Software Product Manager

Angular | micro-services | OOP | Bootsrap | Github |  System Analysis | Employee Training | .NET | Architecture |  TFS | Web Development | Android Development |  Agile Methodologies | Software Design | Jira  | Google Maps API & GIS | MVC + Ninject + C# | Phonegap + Eclipse | WPF XBAP | WCF | MS Project 2010|   Office |  Visio |  Excel|  Knockout.js| Html5| Less| MVVM| Oracle| Udt | Visual Basic| C#| HTML| Fluent NHibernate| VB.Net| VB6| Aссess| Sql Server| Asp.Net| InterDev|  MSProject |  TFS|  Agile |  UML |  ISO |  MySql |  Joomla php CMS |  Google Analytics  |  NoSql |  Elasticsearch |  TypeScript |  MS SqlServer |  Mobile Development   |  SSRS  |  MSMQ  |  RSA

Work Experience

2017-2022       Head of Product & CTO at as Fridenson subsidiary

  • Responsible for the rollout of cloud-based microservices SaaS B2B B2C Supply-Chain web(mobile first) of 4 digital international products and support admin panel side for the whole platform in an innovative startup.
  • Simplification of the flows – frictionless user journey flow for mobile and desktop. 80% of paid over created items.
  • 50% retention in the last six months, 95% 5 stars in support feedback, and 10,000 new customers in a niche market by a disruptive online DIY customs clearance service. Mainly US customers (but also China, India, and Israel).
  • Move the needle analysis of marketing strategies by building marketing (GA, GTM, Optimize, Hotjar) and analytics layers (SQL reports and ETL through Power BI) and dynamically updating KPIs to drive the company towards growth and strategic decisions based on user input, behavior, and data analysis.
  • Multi-year Roadmap, Backlog Prioritization, KPIs, and PRDs. 
  • Deep research of the Supply Chain logistics field – Market and Competitor analysis, vision, mission, strategy, and roadmaps definitions.
  • Custom payments process flows definitions and implementation.
  • Planning and integrating with multiple payment systems, SAP, customs broker, insurance company, OPSWAT, and many more.
  • Recruiting, managing, and mentoring international team leads in Agile – UX Design, FE, BE, WordPress developers, Marketing teams – an overall international team of 12 people. 
  • Coordinating inbound and outbound stakeholders toward successful delivery.
  • DevOps and DevSecOps responsibilities including Domains, PT, and CI/CD
  • Responsible for cloud bootstrap and architecture design overview and code review.
  • DR and Scalability planning and testing
  • Cloud security constant overview reaching 100% coverage of ISO. 
  • Responsible for monthly statistics(KPIs) report layer.
  • Defining requirements for ETL Power BI data gathering and transformations.
  • OCR product research for Supply Chain industry.
  • Azure DevOps, CI/CD, Security, Micro-services, C#, .net core, Angular 14, scale-out, DR, PT, Figma, Confluence, Trello, Asana, Power BI, SQL Server, GA, GTM, HOTJAR

2017-2018        Head of Product & CTO at WiseApp

  • Mobile app and web portal product planning and POC implementation.
  • Agile methodology – Roadmap, PRDs, backlog, iterations, prioritizing and developing.
  • Productization of computer vision models with Deep Learning Classifications in the retail world.
  • SageMaker, AWS, TensorFlow, Keras, Python, FashionDeep, Angular, SQL, .Net, Azure CloudConducting interviews and recruiting programmers.
  • Team version scope management, coordination, and integration between multiple departments.
  • Skills: User Experience (UX) · Strategy · Business Strategy · Leadership · Start-ups · Software Development · Business Development

2016-2017 VP R&D at Israel Tech Challenge and CTO Bootcamp Director

  • Conducting interviews and recruiting technical staff.
  • Planning course structure and schedule, creating technical material for lectures including Angular weekly workshop – Hands On.
  • Frontal lecturing to foreign students.
  • Responsible for the “CTO Boot camp” course budget.
  • Mentoring final projects of the students for Startups for the whole group – Hands On.
  • Tech scope – Java, JS, JQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, Python with Bottle and Django, MYSQL, Heroku hosting, Balsamiq.
  • Maintained landing pages and upgraded web applications hosted on AWS.

2015-2016         Server Team Leader at NeoGames

  • Conducting interviews and recruiting programmers.
  • Team version scope management, coordination, and integration between multiple departments.
  • Consulting on improving ALM processes.
  • Technical characterization and analysis of product department demand – software design and work breakdown documents for complex tasks.
  • Managing directly up to 6 team members and interfacing by demand with other departments.
  • Hands-On – Solving problems and helping team members with complex issues. Tech – SOA, Orchestration Workflow, WCF, WebForms,, C# , VB.Net, SSRS, MSMQ, RSA encryption

2006-2015         Ness Technologies

2014-2015         Software Developer Infrastructure team for IDF Tirat Ha’Agam

  • Fully Hands-On Angular.js with TypeScript and without, C#, ElasticSearch with Oracle. Top Secret.

2011–2014        R&D Project Manager and Product Manager for Egged  

  • Customer interviews, characterization, and support.
  • Choosing technical instruments and inserting the best practice in the organization.
  • Roadmap, task management strategies.
  • Direct and matrix teams management. Recruiting – Employee’s professional interviews.
  • Running multiple projects under extreme limitations.
  • Hands-on pipeline architecture using Knockout.js SPA, Google Maps, MVC, Hybrid HTML5 Android application, Table to Backoffice, Phonegap, OOP, Telerik, WPF, and XBAP.

2008 – 2011      Fullstack Team Leader for Israel Postal Company

  • Continuous work with the client. Team management – Hands On development.
  • Leading, architecturally and technology responsible for web project
  • System technologies upgrade. Versions management. Managing DB scripts.
  • System management of the “Quantitative Mailing” system

2006 – 2007 Software Developer for Israel Airports Authority – Top Secret

2014-2014  CTO Start-Up (6 months)

  • Infrastructure and development responsibility. Widening product functionality. AWS, Linux.

2005 – 2006 Software Developer at Israel Aerospace Industries – MAMAN

    • Risk management project development.

>      English – Fluent | Russian, Hebrew – Mother’s tongue


2012 – 2014 Executive MBA at Ben-Gurion University. Founder of BGU Managers Club.

2003 – 2005 B.Sc. Computer Science at Holon Institute of Technology.

1998 – 2001 Practical Engineer with honorary at Hadassah.


2022 Power BI series of 3 courses learnitanytime

2022 Cyber Security: From Beginner to Expert (2022) Udemy

2022 The Concise Product Management Course Udemy

2017 Python 3 Tutorial course

2016 AngularJS Patterns: Clean Code by John Papa

2016 Scrum Development with Jira & Jira Agile

2016 Python Fundamentals by Austin Bingham and Robert Smallshire

2016 Angular 2 and NodeJS – The Practical Guide to MEAN Stack

2015 Developing Management Skills by Dr. Shaul Nehamkin (40 hours)

2012 TFS Managing Agile and Scrum software projects

2012 Management Workshop

2010 Team Leadership Course by Ness Technologies (80 hours)